How it all began
a new village hall for

Plans for a new village hall for Middleton were first hatched in 2005 with a scheme that was originally to be located at the entrance to Glover Court in Middleton.

The hall was to be partially funded by Section 106 monies from Glover Court's developers Faircloughs, Corby Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council, Middleton Parish Council and Corus.

Following a couple of local surveys and the Parish Plans produced by Middleton Parish Council and a residents' group in Cottingham, it was decided that the new hall should be a joint venture for both villages. A new charitable trust was formed – Cottingham and Middleton Village Hall Trust (Northants) – which oversees the project to this day.

The next phase involved a decision to relocate the hall to the 'Village Acre', a site near the recreation field that is owned on behalf of our villagers by the trust that currently manages the Village Hall Annex.

The Village Acre has a specific covenant dating from 1971 that states that the site ‘shall not be used for any purpose other than the erection of a Village Hall’, which makes it the ideal location.

The original plans for this site were for a traditional 'rectangular' building situated near to and parallel with the Jurassic Way. While these plans progressed, North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit suggested an alternative shape and location which was adopted by the Trustees and now forms the layout of the latest plans which you can download from this site.